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Step 1: Our Bio Test Kit includes:

  • Instructions for collection of hair and nails
  • Sealable bags for sample collection
  • Intake forms
  • Return envelope with paid postage


Step 2: Once your samples reach our office, we will scan them.  Our scans include:

  • Comprehensive Analysis Scan - identifying root cause issues
  • General Support Scan - Additional supplementation recommended to support balance for your body (supplements not included in Bio Test Kit price)
  • Priority Scans - additional scans that are needed based on results of previous scans.


Step 3: Results! 

  • Email results and recommendations
  • Book a 30 minute consultation to review results and recommendations


Step 4:  Supplements Sent!

  • Mail you your energetic imprinted drops (x2) with the specific items your body identified for balance (included in the Bio Test Kit price)
  • Mail you any supplements agreed upon during the consultation (not included in the Bio Test Kit price)


Bio Test Kit

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