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Bio Test Kits

Step 1: Our Bio Test Kit includes:

  • Instructions for collection of hair and nails

  • Sealable bags for sample collection

  • Intake forms

  • Return envelope with paid postage


Step 2: Once your samples reach our office, we will scan them.  Our scans include:

  • Comprehensive Analysis Scan - identifying root cause issues

  • General Support Scan - Additional supplementation recommended to support balance for your body (supplements not included in Bio Test Kit price)

  • Priority Scans - additional scans that are needed based on results of previous scans.  These target priorities your body has identified that need support.


Step 3: Results! 

  • Email results and recommendations

  • Book a 30 minute consultation to review results and recommendations


Step 4:  Supplements Sent!

  • Mail you your energetic imprinted drops (x2) with the specific items your body identified for balance (included in the Bio Test Kit price)

  • Mail you any supplements agreed upon during the consultation (not included in the Bio Test Kit price)


To receive your Bio Test Kit, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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